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May 19, 2019 announced on May 20th 2019 that it will start offering Limited Listings on LinkedIn to all its clients (companies recruiting talent in Japan). Limited Listings are free job postings on LinkedIn that are visible to active candidates when they search for jobs on LinkedIn.

Limited Listings differ from Premium Job Slots which are purchased job slots that are targeted to passive candidates through job recommendations we make across LinkedIn including Jobs You Might be Interested In, emails, and the LinkedIn feed. Premium Job Slots are also visible to active candidates when they search for jobs on LinkedIn.

Thanks to the HirePlanner recruiting platform, companies hiring in Japan can now advertise their job postings for free on,, and is a bilingual solution (Japanese & English) which helps companies to greatly simplify their HR recruiting process and also offers businesses tools such as:

– Employer branding features
– Social media integration
– Career website in both English and Japanese
– Agency Management System
– Candidate and Agency messenger
and much more.

For more information, please contact HirePlanner at:



– Include your COMPANY NAME in the “job summary” and other parts of your job description. This will help candidates to find your jobs when they search using your company name.

– Don’t forget to fill out the LOCATION field of your job posting form and make sure to provide as much details as possible (example: Japan, Tokyo, Shibuya-ku). Your job postings may not appear in LinkedIn if your location details are unclear or missing.

– To improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and make things easy for candidates to find your opportunities online, it’s critical that your job postings include as many relevant keywords as possible about the role you are advertising. Make sure to include those keywords in the “job title, the “job summary” and the rest of your job description.

To help you identify the appropriate keywords to include in your job description, you can start by asking yourself the following question:
If I was the best candidate for the job, what keywords would I type in Google to find this role?”. This should help you build a good list of keywords to include in your job description.

– Include a SALARY RANGE. Some job search engines may not list your job posting if it doesn’t include any salary details.

– Include visual or video content whenever possible to make your listing more eye catchy

– Make your job postings FUN TO READ and don’t limit yourself with just including a “to do” list. A good job description is not just a list of responsibilities, activities, qualifications and skills for a role. It’s important for you to SELL THE ROLE and your company in order to attract more direct applications. Adding information about your company’s culture & vision, your team environment, your sense of purpose and how you develop your people will go a long way. Make it about your employees and inspire them to apply.

– The “JOB SUMMARY” is the first thing that candidates will read. If you want them to click on it to read more about the role, make sure your content is impactful and grabs the attention.

– For your JOB RESPONSIBILITIES and CORE SKILLS and QUALIFICATIONS, keep things concise, to the point and include only the most critical information about the role. A job information that is too long or too detailed may discourage candidates from applying. Try to also clarify where the role fits into your organization; this will help candidates see the big picture and understand how important the role is for your organization.