Advertise your jobs on multiple job boards with a single click

Maximize the exposure of your job postings and attract the best candidates in the market:
  • Automatically sync your vacancies with your career website and offer a mobile friendly experience to candidates
  • Boost visibility by promoting job postings on Japan's leading job boards in Japan such as Indeed, Linkedin, Google Jobs ...
  • Share job updates effortlessly on social media platforms
  • Enhance job descriptions with captivating visuals and videos content for greater impact
  • Free job postings on job portal

Join online career events to grow your talent network

Access to the “Online Recruiting Mall” and participate in virtual job fairs throughout the year:
  • Access to continuous opportunities to connect with local talent
  • Design and customize your booth to effectively showcase the appeal of your brand and career opportunities
  • Inspire top talent to connect with your company by highlighting your vision, corporate culture, and working environment
  • Promote and sell your brand as an employer of choice
  • Connect, network, engage, and attract talent within your dedicated digital space, maximizing your ability to identify potential candidates with the right culture fit

Simplify your hiring journey
every step of the way


 (English & Japanese)


Adaptable for start-ups
 and large enterprises


Suitable for mid career and high volume recruiting needs


Reduce your cost per hire


Improve your recruiting experience


Automate your reporting


Support your HR digital transformation


Validate headcount
and offers

Create engaging content utilizing our Employer Branding Studio

Optimize your employer branding efforts to convey your Employee Value Proposition (EVP):
  • Produce Professional video content for websites and social media
  • Elevate your employer brand and content engagement with expert consulting and strategic content planning
  • Craft compelling brand narratives and impactful story telling to create emotional connections and inspire candidates to engage
  • Highlight your career oppotunities, corporate vision, working style, culture and employee experiences through blog posts, video job postings, AI avatar generated content, video podcast interviews and testimonials to showcase thought leadership and attract talent

Simplify and automate each step of your recruiting journey

Streamline your hiring process with our state of the art bilingual Application Tracking System (ATS):
  • Strengthen talent pipeline by centralizing all candidate applications in a single, consolidated database
  • Enhance transparency and visibility for Hiring Managers by sharing live status reports, facilitating more effective collaborations
  • Automate interview scheduling and improve communication responsiveness to deliver a superior candidate experience
  • Reduce recruiting costs and attrition by making informed hiring decisions and outpacing the competition
  • Ensure the protection, organization, and compliance of your data at all times

Collaborate with the best recruiting agencies in Japan

Via HirePlanner's Agency Management System, you can:
  • Easily access top search firms and agencies in Japan
  • Build and manage your preferred vendors' list, seamlessly
  • Assign new vacancies to relevant consultants based on their specialities
  • Keep track of candidate introductions and monitor recruiting agencies performance
  • Contract via Hireplanner to bypass lengthy individual agency registration, simplify invoicing and pay a single entity (Optional)


HirePlanner has helped us a great deal to streamline our hiring process and improve the communication between our HR team and our Hiring Managers. We now have a lot more visibility on our recruiting projects and can appreciate more all the recruiting efforts from our recruiting team and HR Business Partners

M. Otsuji
CEO - Manufacturing Brand

HirePlanner is amazing in the fact that is has pretty much automated our entire recruitment process. Coming from the world of kanban boards and excel sheets and CRMs, HirePlanner offers virtually every optimization an operation at our scale could hope for. My personal favorite thing about HirePlanner is the fact that it will blast my job out to all of the major platforms. Once a job is live it's only a matter of time before we are screening applicants. Full heartedly recommend this platform to anyone who has identified a bottleneck in their talent acquisition process.

L.L CEO Hashi Media
Creative Agency

I am always impressed with HirePlanner's flexibility and speed of development! They listen to our needs and release new features on an ongoing basis. Their customer support goes way beyond what other ATS can provide in Japan

M. Tanaka
TA Manager - Fashion Retail Brand


Building teams together with the right people, support and expertise

If your team is in need of additional resources, expertise or guidance, we can offer the following assistance:
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services
  • Talent Acquisition As a Service (TAaaS) & Talent Sourcing As a Service (TSaaS) - Onsite or Remote
  • Employer Branding Consulting services to strengthen your brand image and reputation as an employer
  • HR Systems selection and implementation: optimize your HR recruiting operations with tailored solutions and seemless implementation