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Japan HR Event – How to attract talent at Virtual Career Events (Video)

Japan HR Event – How to attract talent at Virtual Career Events (Video)

October 11, 2021

“How to Attract Talent at Virtual Career Events?” is an HR Event Webinar brought to you by

If you are trying to get creative with your talent sourcing and want to find new ways to attract talent to your organisation in Japan while joining virtual career events, this video is for you.

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Alex Lagata
Human Resource Manager

Jonathan Hehir
Global People Marketing Manager

Shoko Jonai
BA Student
Waseda University

Linda Bai
MBA Student
Hitotsubashi University


Founder & CEO at
Former HR recruitment lead for Apple Japan & Tesla Motors Japan


– Difference between Physical Career Events & Digital Career Events (Pros and Cons)
– Covid Impact on Career Event Formats
– Understand Job Seekers’ new expectations
– How to build a competitive candidate experience
– Best practices to run an effective virtual career event and attract top talent to your company

– HR Leaders,
– Talent Acquisition Experts and Corporate Recruiters
– Employer Branding Professionals
– Business Owners, C Level Executives
– Anyone interested in learning about how to attract young professionals in Japan


Since the beginning of Covid, companies have drastically accelerated their HR digital transformation and have shifted towards « online » and « automation » to simplify and optimize each step of their hiring process. When it comes to new graduates hiring and entry-level recruitment, companies now systematically turn to virtual career events as they are much easier to plan for logistically and are also more cost-effective than traditional physical job fairs.

These online events offer opportunities for companies to meet with young talent, engage with them, build real connections and ultimately help them find people with the right « culture fit ». However, we witness that there is often a gap between companies that produce great results at their virtual career events and others that do not.

In a world where communication skills are vital in fostering strong working relationships, it is important for companies to be aware of what candidates expect during their job-seeking journey and how HR should deliver. For this webinar, we have invited 2 employer branding experts to share their insights on how to run an effective virtual career event and inspire candidates to apply for your company and 2 students to share their views on what they expect when they join such type of events.