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HirePlanner launches new Agency Management System

HirePlanner launches new Agency Management System

May 23, 2017

Tokyo, Japan – May 23rd 2017 (Cloud Recruiting Management System), is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new “Agency Management System” (Agency Portal).

Developed for HR recruiters and recruiting agencies to collaborate and communicate more efficiently, this new recruiting module completes the already rich list of features available on the HirePlanner Application Tracking System (ATS). Ingeniously designed, it reduces administrative work on both sides and greatly contributes to further simplify and speed-up the hiring journey.

The new Agency Management System supports HR recruiters to:

– Identify, select and manage their preferred list of recruiting vendors,

– Keep track of their respective contracts and, terms and conditions,

– Monitor the work and performance of each selected agency (# of introductions received, # of placements completed etc.),

– Assign new vacancies to top performing agencies,

– Organize all candidate introductions (CV / Resumes) into one single database to manage the talent pipeline more efficiently,


– Remove some more administrative work to automate the hiring and reporting process.

Recruiting agencies will also benefit from a free dedicated platform where they can, with a single user ID and password, manage their list of preferred clients (Employers using HirePlanner), keep track of their assignments and monitor each candidate introductions being sent to their customers.

For a free demo, please contact at: support @