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Advertise your job postings on Google Jobs with HirePlanner

Advertise your job postings on Google Jobs with HirePlanner

April 4, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that Hireplanner now offers seamless integration with Google Jobs! This means that, with your HirePlanner corporate account, you can now sync all your job postings on the following job search engines all in one single recruiting platform:
– Indeed Japan,
– LinkedIn Japan,
–, and now
– Google Jobs

By expanding your job posting exposure to Google Jobs, you will be maximizing your candidate outreach and increasing your chances of receiving more direct applications from qualified candidates.

Thanks to Hireplanner’s recruitment solutions, managing your recruiting projects has never been easier. Our recruitment advertising solutions and application tracking system (ATS) allow you to effortlessly oversee every aspect of your recruitment process in one convenient platform. From job posting advertising to agency management, online career events organization, employer branding video production, and more, Hireplanner offers to you a wide range of services to meet all your recruiting needs.

Our goal is to provide you with an All-in-One recruiting solution tailored to simplify and streamline your hiring process in Japan. With compelling content and powerful employer branding services, we empower you to attract top talent and ensure your next hire is a success!

Ready to take your recruiting efforts to the next level? Contact us for more information on our recruitment advertising solutions and employer branding creative services.

About is an innovative SaaS Recruiting Advertising and Employer Branding platform designed to help companies attract top talent in Japan by boosting their visibility, improving their candidate engagement while also reducing their average cost per hire.

It provides a wide range of services such as Job Posting Advertising, Application tracking (ATS), Agency Vendors Management, Online Career Events organization, Employer Branding Video Production and more.’s HR Tech solutions are available in both English and Japanese and include all essential features needed to recruit efficiently in Japan. Learn more at: