Former Apple and Tesla recruiting manager introduces new innovative Recruiting Management System for Japan market.

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Tokyo, Japan – September 12th 2016 – WENOtech Co., Ltd. today introduced – a brand new cloud recruiting management system specifically designed for the Japanese market and supporting Hiring Managers, and in-house HR Recruiters with their hiring needs.

Much more than the traditional spreadsheet or the over complicated Application Tracking Systems (ATS), offers companies with a refreshingly simple interface with intuitive functions to guide you through each step of your recruiting journey.

The platform comes with an easy to use Headcount Management System, Job Postings that are automatically synced with your Career Site, an Application Tracking System, a Resume Search function, a Candidate Pipeline Management Tool, an Interview Feedback Collection Tool, an Offer Letter approval system and many more features built to not only help you hire better and faster, but also to deliver a much greater candidate experience for your corporate branding.

Designed by former Recruiting Manager at Apple Japan and Tesla Motors Japan (Fabien Brogard Cipriani), “HirePlanner removes the complex and helps corporations automate their day to day recruiting activities to reduce manual work load and give you back time to focus on the essentials of recruiting”. HirePlanner is available in both English and Japanese and is fully customisable to perfectly adapt to your existing internal hiring process. Its first users already describe it as “an HR solution with great potential that could be ground breaking for the years to come in Japan”.

— ABOUT HIREPLANNER.COM — is a cloud based recruiting platform designed for Hiring Managers, HR professionals and in-house Recruiters. It is designed for small and large enterprises to help them:
– Simplify and automate their hiring process
– Build their talent pipeline efficiently
– Protect their internal HR confidential data
– Improve their candidate experience
– Reduce their recruiting budget
– Hire better people and faster is a solution provided by WENOtech Co., Ltd.

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